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Frigid Fluid Co.
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View Arterial Fluids:

36 Plus, Standard, Tissue Guard,
Cell Guard 28 Natural, Eotone,
Cell Guard 25 Natural, Flotone,
Lanol-Tex, X-20, Natural Tone
Perfect Tone



View Supplemental Fluids:

Premium Jaundice, Solvol, Stop,
Leak Guard, Water/Clot Guard,

Rose Colortone Dye, Humectant, Plasma Flo, Free Flo.



View Cavity Fluids:

5 Purpose Cavity, Cavity 55,
Premium Cavity, Cavity King,
Dry Guard, Vis-O-Guard



View Accessories:

Maxima, Kreme Protec, Wavicide, Medicated Lotion Soap, Septi-Clean, Alcare, X-O,
Autopsy Compound,
Hardening Compound, Paulex, Safe Powder, Contact Embalming Spray, Feature Builder, Feature Builder Solvent, Orifice Guard, Formalin Cream,
Sta-Seal, Skin Seal,
Lanol Care,
Aron Alpha,
Restor Skin Spray.



View Cosmetics:

Lip Wax, Velva Massage Cream,
Plasto Wax, Flat Brushes,
Round Brushes,
Professional Choice Set,
Stippling Brush, Dusting Brush



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     Monday January 13, 2014
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